Harsens Island Transportation Authority – November 11,2023 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT


Call to Order: 10:35AM by Harold Bain

Roll Call: Harold Bain – Present

Gary Beaulac – Present
Dennis Szymanski – Present

Paul Cassidy – Absent Excused

Skip Tornow – Absent Excused


Public Comments:

Maureen Boury: Thanked the Board for all of it’s hard work and efforts on behalf of the community, and continued support.

Review of September 30, 2023 Minutes

Motion by Dennis Szymanski to approve the minutes for 9/30/23. Seconded by Gary Beaulac. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report

Report for September and October current balance $147,000. Sept/Oct expenses $31,000. Full report will be posted.  Audit report should be done by the end of the month. From our grant second installation in August, we will have extra cash by the end of the year, working on an extension.


Motion by Dennis Szymanski to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Harold Bain. Motion passed.


Old Business

Bain-Chairman’s Update

Spoke with Lisa McClain’s office regarding HITA’S efforts, her office wasn’t aware of our situation and is definitely interested in learning more. 


Met with Hertel and walked away feeling really good about his commitment to working with HITA


With Maureen SEMCOG has assured us that our project is on their radar and on the plan. When shovel ready will be put on the TIP program.


Homeland Security is setting up a meeting with HITA to let them know we can assist them with their work and how they might be able to help us.


EUPTA – Please review their rate charts on their website, they are exactly as I stated.


Boury – The future of Harsens Island, and HITA’S alternative transportation plan including next steps:

Maureen shared detailed information regarding the landscape of the island and HITA’S efforts to provide an alternative ferry system with economical pricing. The forecast predicts with these lower rates, population will increase, new businesses will pop up, families will once again live on the island.


Revenue generation has been calculated and a business plan in progress. HITA’S alternative ferry will charge the same rates as EUPTA – $100 for 20 Tickets or $5.00 RT. Single RT (without tickets will be $15-20). Senior rates $75 for a book or $3.75 RT.


In order to move forward, dollars are needed to complete the Feasibility study and secure the property for this new port, there is urgency that this is completed by end of 2024.


There we are proposing a 4.5 millage that will be paid by District 4 only, the cost to each homeowner is for every 100,000 in taxable value the homeowner will pay $450. This is a temporary up to 5 year proposal and HITA is hoping to reduce or eliminate this millage after the second year.  The vote will take place in February with the Presidential primary.


Feasibility Study Update

Motion by Dennis Szymanski to change the language of phase one to be written with more generic statements and less personal statements.  Seconded by Harold Bain, Motion passed all ayes.


Future Funding

Motion by Dennis Szymanski to submit the resolution to Clay Township to propose an operating millage for HITA up to 4.5% for up to 5 years and can be canceled at any time. Seconded by Harold Bain, Motion passed, all ayes.


Public Comments

Lots of questions and brainstorming,  primarily regarding the millage proposal.

What is the goal with the money secured from the millage?

When will the business plan be available for review?

What type of communication will take place to get the word out regarding the Milleage?



Motion by Harold Bain to adjourn meeting at 11:40AM, seconded by Dennis Szymanski, motion passed.